Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Discussion with C.J Dowling.

 Hi everyone, C.J. Dowling, from Secrets of the Dead, here. I'm hijacking Shiela's blog today. I thought I would come here and talk about myself and my ability to see and communicate with the dead. 

I provide a few details of my life in the book, but I thought you all would like to know more. 

I was born in Vancouver, Canada and have lived here all my life. I work as a paranormal investigator, aiding or removing spirits from properties. Sometimes the entity gets stuck in our world instead of following the light to its final resting place. Then there are the others, who refuse to let go. They are the ones that cause me the most problems. Angry spirits can be dangerous. They have the ability to possess a person, cause destruction, and make people's lives a living hell. I've dealt with plenty of angry spirits and more often than not, they are vicious. 

I've dealt with both lost and angry spirits in my lifetime. As a child, I didn't realize the person I thought I was talking to was dead. They look as real as you and me. They are not the floating white figures that people often say they see. I've debunked several of those cases. 

As I grew up, I realized what I was seeing was not alive. That took a lot to adjust to. The first time I saw spirits and realized they were dead, I told my parents and they didn't believe me. I can understand now, as an adult, just how they must have felt. Since they didn't believe me, they had me admitted to a mental facility. I learned then not to speak about the dead when they were around. It was a lot for an eight-year-old to understand, let alone deal with. I learned then that I was completely alone. I had no one to talk to about the good and bad spirits. The first time I encountered an angry spirit it tossed me about and lashed at me. My parents assumed I was being bullied at school. It frustrated me that I wouldn't tell them who had done it. They wouldn't have believed me, so there was nothing more discussed about that. 

I learned very early how to deal with the angry spirits. For those that allowed me to help them, was easy. For others, it takes a lot of energy and persistence to send them to their peace. 

I research the entity first. It's a lot easier to know something about them in order to deal with them. For instance, murder victims. They often want revenge on their murderer. If a person is murdered, the spirit can latch itself onto that person and make their life hell. I've seen plenty of people go stark raving mad, and some have taken their own lives. 

I will try to convince the entity that it's best to let it go because there is a better, more peaceful place for them to go to. If that doesn't work, I find what is tethering them to this realm and remove it. That takes a lot of research. For instance, if they are tethered by an object, like a book, weapon, or home. I try to destroy it. If it's a person they've latched onto, I need to find a way to have their vengeance, such as finding their killer, by solving the case. I've been assisted by a few officers who believe me and what I see. 

As for the other spirits, they often get lost and need help finding their way to peace. I do my best to stay neutral, but there are times when it weighs heavily on me. The children are the worst. Not only do they not understand what is happening, their story is often heartwrenching. That takes more out of me than dealing with a vengeful, angry spirit. 

Well, I've taken up more time than I had planned. I'll let Shiela have her blog back.

If you see spirits and aren't sure what to do. Look me up and I'll do my best to help you.

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Discussion with C.J Dowling.

  Hi everyone, C.J. Dowling, from Secrets of the Dead, here. I'm hijacking Shiela's blog today. I thought I would come here and talk...