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Embracing the Darkness excerpt

 Embracing the Darkness continues from the ending of Desiring the Darkness with the story about Jonah Moore. His life has been turned upside down after the accident.


One upon a time Jonah Moore had it all. Then his wife and unborn child were taken from him, leaving his life darker than when Chaos and his evil vampires stole the sun. Now, Jonah has lost the will to face another day, which could be a problem, considering he’s just been turned into a vampire and is now destined to live for eternity.
As a nurse, Raven Moony is used to tending to the needs of others. Until an accident changes everything. When she is abducted and forced to tend to Chaos’ needs, she is more than ready to give in and willingly accepts her role as his slave.

When Jonah enters the picture, she finds herself fighting for his safety and freedom as well as her own. Can she convince Jonah to go on despite her own doubts? And can they open their hearts to love and learn that there is indeed life after death?



Jacob’s Cove 2025 Two weeks since the darkness began

Jonah woke to complete silence, the darkness surrounding him. His life seemed to be consumed by the darkness now. His brain was foggy and he knew if he were to give in and close his eyes, he would drift right back to sleep. He didn’t want to sleep because in sleep, he dreamt, and in his dreams she called to him.

So, forcing his eyes open, he tried to sit up and found himself tied to the bed. Shaking his head clear, he tugged at his arms and felt the restraints around his wrists dig into his skin. Looking down, he saw the band securing his left arm to the side of the bed and an IV attached to his hand.

What the hell?

“You’re awake.”

He turned in the direction of a rustling sound and saw a woman at the foot of the bed with jet black hair cut in a sharp bob that ended at chin level. Her eyes were a soft blue and her face was delicate yet firm. And he had a vague memory of her holding him. Her name was Raven and she had helped him.

“I was hoping you’d sleep a little longer, but three hours is good. How do you feel?”

He blinked rapidly as she turned on the light. It stung his eyes and he wished she’d left it off. “Why am I tied to the bed, Raven?”

 “It’s a safely mechanism, for your own good. Are you hungry? Thirsty?”

She was always trying to feed him. When would she get it through her head that he didn’t want to be fed? He didn’t want to be alive. She’d been so gentle with him when he’d been chained up in Chaos’ basement, treating his wounds, then breaking him free. He’d told her then, and still meant it now, that he didn't want to be saved. Yet here he was, tied to a bed with Raven once again keeping him alive.

What did he have to live for anyway? His wife and unborn child were dead and he’d been made into a vampire. He didn’t have 8 anything left to live for.

“You drugged me?” He remembered the stab to his arm right before he’d been about to end his life. And now he was awake, and tied to the bed. That pissed him off.

“Yeah. I had to. It was a mild sedative, but I’d hoped because of your injuries you would sleep longer. I also washed you down and dressed you. I have a cup of O-negative here for you. The blood bank is fully stocked.”

They were in the hospital. She’d rescued him from Chaos’ place and had taken him to the hospital. It was all coming back to him now. She’d left him to make his phone call to Trinity and he’d seized the moment to end his miserable life.

Only she’d stopped him. Once again, she was trying to save him.

He clamped his lips shut when she put the cup to his mouth. He’d rather starve to death than drink someone’s blood.

“Being stubborn won’t deter me, Jonah. I’ve been a nurse for nearly ten years and I’ve done my fair share of intubations and IVs, not to mention feeding tubes. If need be, I will shove a tube down your throat to your stomach to get you to eat. Or…you could stop being a spineless wimp and drink what’s in the cup. You decide.”

He clenched his jaw and glared up at her.

“Fine, have it your way, but let me tell you, it won’t be a pleasant experience.” She turned away walked toward the door.

“Why do you care if I live or die?” he blurted out.

She stopped, then casually turned to him, her face softening as she responded. “I care because I’m a compassionate person who thinks all life is precious.”

 “Even the bastard that turned me into a blood sucking animal?”

“Chaos will get his comeuppance eventually, and you’re not an animal. Do you want to try this again and take the drink or do I go in search of a tube?”

“What I would like is for you to untie me.”

She took another step towards him and he thought she would actually do as he asked. Then she stopped short of the bed and folded her arms across her chest.

“Exactly how stupid do I look? I know without a shadow of a doubt that the instant I release you you’ll try to take your life again. Not going to happen, buddy. Drink?”

“No!” She was going to find out just how stubborn Jonah Moore could be.

“Have it your way.” She spun around and marched from the room.


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