Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Angels and Demons

 Angels and Demons. Heaven and Hell. What makes them so fascinating and why do we want to go to heaven so badly? No, this is not going to be a preachy blog so please don’t turn me off. I’m about to share with you my take on the subject and why I love writing about them.

I do believe in Angels and Demons, but maybe not entirely in the biblical sense. I believe in good and bad. Everyone has good in them, and everyone has bad in them. It’s how we choose to use them that makes us who we are. Have you ever stopped and looked at those people who lead a normal life, going about a normal existence, then one day, they grab a weapon and take out a crowd of people? What made them do that?  Had to be evil inside of them for them to do such a thing. Right?

When we think of angels we see the delicate features of a woman or child with golden hair, wearing a white flowing dress and white feathery wings, a gold halo over her head. That’s what we’ve been taught to believe. But what about the person that for no reason at all will pay for the person behind them in the grocery lineup without saying a word to the person. Or shovel your walk after a snowstorm. What about the person who stops on the side of the road to help someone fix their flat tire, in the middle of a downpour? A good-hearted person couldn’t drive by and not stop and help.

Now, let’s talk about the biblical Angels and Demons. God Rules the Heavens and Satan rules Hell. Angels do God's work and Demons do Satan’s work. Neither has a mind of their own. I often wonder if they get bored with their jobs—if there really are such things. That thought brought on the idea for my latest release, The Naughty Angel. I bring together an angel wanting something different in her life other than being the watcher of children and finds it at Madam Eve’s 1 Night Stand and a Demon looking for his next minion. Both are slaves to their masters. Being together is the ultimate sin for both. Yet it is so tempting. 


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